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The Best Ground School in Maryland!

Harford Air is proud to have one of the best and most popular ground schools in the area. We teach both Private Pilot Ground school and Instrument Rating Ground School. See below for additional details.

Instructor Aaron Harrington leads the ground school

Private Pilot Ground School

Next Class begins September 19, 2017

Private pilot ground school will provide you with the knowledge you need to be a safe and proficient pilot and to aid you in passing the FAA Private Pilot Written Knowledge Exam. It is held twice a year for 14 weeks beginning each February and September. To accompany this class, you can purchase the Jeppesen Private Pilot kit with everything you will need to succeed at our FBO.

Instrument Rating Ground School

Are you ready to take your flying to the next level? If so, an instrument rating might be right for you. The instrument ground school will not only prepare you for the written test, but will also help you learn the nuances of instrument flying including IFR Low Enroute Charts, Instrument Approach Procedures, Advanced Aviation Weather, Human Factors, and Aircraft Systems. Call us to find out when our next instrument ground school is going to be!

Best Flight School North of Baltimore, Maryland – (410) 836 – 2828