Flight Training

At Harford Air, we can take care of all your training needs for fixed wing aircraft from your Private Pilot Certificate to your Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. Harford Air is a CCBC partner and Part 141 VA approved school.

Private Pilot Certificate Program

The following costs are minimum times and only intended as an estimated total MINIMUM cost of $11,012

$6570 — 30 hours dual instruction in a Cessna 172 Aircraft
$1640 — 10 hours solo flight in a Cessna 172 Aircraft
$240 — Necessary books and equipment for course
$120 — Medical Examiner Fee for Third Class Medical
$175 — FAA written test
$692 — 10 hours ground school with FAA licensed instructor
$700 — Private Pilot checkride examiner’s fee
$525 — Aircraft rental for checkride

$350–Aircraft Renter’s Insurance

Note: These are the FAA minimum required times. The national average total time runs about 65 total flight hours and is determined by your ability and frequency of flight lessons.

Requirements for Ratings Past Private Pilot

Instrument: This is an add-on rating which you can add on to any certificate.




CFI (Flight Instructor): No specific flight hour requirement


CFII (Flight Instructor Instrument): No specific flight hour requirement



Tail Wheel:


Spin Training:

Other Flight/Rental Costs

Note: These prices include fuel and oil (including reimbursed fuel at our current fuel prices).

Cessna 172M Skyhawk—$164 ($219 dual instruction)

Citabria 7GCBC—$174 ($249 dual instruction/$249 for Spin Training)

Piper Arrow—$194 ($249 dual instruction/ $269 CFI/ATP Training)

Cessna 162 Skycatcher—$114 ($169 dual instruction)

Simulator—$99 ($159 dual instruction)

Note: Dual instruction is your per hour total cost for the plane and a flight instructor.

Miscellaneous Instructor Costs:

Instructor using Harford Air Aircraft—$55 (see dual instruction above)

Instructor using any other aircraft—$59 (such as flight instruction in your own aircraft)

Instructor advanced training rates—$75 (CFI, ATP or Spin Training)


From your first lesson you will feel the Harford Air difference.
Not only will you receive a top-quality aviation education,
you will become part of our community.