Piper Arrow III

The Arrow is Harford’s complex training aircraft used primarily for IFR and commercial training. This low wing airplane cruises a little faster than the Skyhawks and is a terrific platform for cross-country trips or preparing for your instrument rating or commercial license. This plane is powered by a Lycoming IO-360 engine putting out 200 HP.

In addition, this airplane has a JPI EDM 830 engine monitor, dual NAV/COMs, Avidyne 540 moving map GPS, Mode S transponder and traffic and weather.

Checkout Requirements: Complex Endorsement, 200 PIC hours and 10 hours in type or 25 hours in Complex.

MGTOW: 2,750 lbs
Empty Weight: 1,637 lbs
Fuel Qty: 72 gallons
Cruise Speed: 125 kts
Stall Speed: 47 kts
Range: 695 nm
Celling: 14,300 ft

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