Bellanca Citabria

Are you ready for a new challenge?! Learn to fly a tailwheel airplane. Unlike the Cessnas, the Citabria (airbatic spelled backwards) is a lightweight, two seat (tandem), just-for-the-fun airplane. This conventional gear airplane tends to be a lot more demanding of pilots and you will soon learn what those rudder pedals are really for when you hop into this plane. This is because the plane’s center of gravity is behind the main wheels and, particularly on landing, inertia wants to keep the GC moving forward. If not flown properly, it can give you a surprise. In the winter, we have a ton of fun in this airplane and replace the wheels with skis to fly off the snow! If you are ready to add a new level of excitement to your flying, this is the plane for you.

Checkout Requirements: Tailwheel Endorsement and 10hrs in type

MGTOW: 1,650 lbs
Empty Weight: 1,150 lbs
Fuel Qty: 35 gallons
Cruise Speed: 100 mph
Stall Speed: 45 kts
Range: 620 miles
Celling: 10,000 ft

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