Cessna 162 Skycatcher

*Harford Air’s Skycatcher is currently unavailable. Check back for updates.

The Skycatcher is Harford Air’s light sport airplane and is also Cessna’s last piston single design. This aircraft was designed specifically as a training aircraft to train people for their recreational, sport, and private pilot’s licenses. The sport pilot’s license was created in September of 2004 with the intent of making flying more accessible and affordable. The requirements for a sport pilot’s license are different from the private pilot’s license with every effort to make it an easier, cheaper alternative. You can read about the sport pilot requirements below.

Checkout Requirements: Sport Pilot Certificate or better, checkout flight with instructor, NO MEDICAL REQUIRED!!!

MGTOW: 1,320 lbs
Empty Weight: 830 lbs
Fuel Qty: 24 gallons
Cruise Speed: 112 kts
Stall Speed: 47 kts
Range: 470 nm
Celling: 15,500 ft

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