Harford Air is Currently Seeking Full Time Flight Instructors 

Position Description:

Flight instructors are responsible for teaching students how to fly in a variety of contexts including but not limited to; sport pilot, private pilot, instrument rating, commercial pilot, and CFI. instructors also provide training for endorsements in either flight school or owner aircraft, flight reviews, and instrument proficiency checks. Flight instructors conduct themselves in a professional manner and conduct ground and in-flight training based upon part 61 training requirements and standards. Instructors are responsible for developing their own training syllabi and maintain student training records in accordance with FAR 61.189 “Flight Instructor Records.”


  • Current 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class medical
  • Recency of experience per FAR 61.57
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate and valid Flight Instructor Certificate with appropriate ratings (i.e. instrument rating)
  • 250 hrs preferred
  • CFI-I preferred
  • Optional: 50 hrs tailwheel time if wishing to conduct instruction in Harford Air’s tailwheel aircraft


Please call Harford Air and ask for Kevin Hess for more information

(410) 836-2828


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